French Rev iPhone App FAQ

OK, so what exactly does this app do?
ZAP a picture of any page in The French Revolution paperback with your iPhone camera; the app automatically loads digital content associated with the story. Here's an intro video.

NOTE: this does work with ereaders in theory, but in practice it doesn't, because you can resize the font/layout however you want and that screws up the software. I'd love to hear your suggestions on fixes.

"Digital content?" Like what?
With a single ZAP, you might find:
-A virtual tour explaining inspiration for key scenes
-Recipes for sensational cakes featured in the book
-Music featured in the story
-Relevant history of the actual French Revolution
-Exclusive author interviews
-Oodles more

Think of it as DVD bonus features accessed via "clickable paper" in a printed book.

What's so special about this?
As far as I can tell, it's the first time anybody's released an app that bridges printed books with bonus digital content without using clunky QR codes.

Most readers are still reading static books, whether through printed text or eink readers like Kindle or nook. There's really no way to access rich media on the go without an iPad--which is cool, but expensive. We're shooting for a fresh take on interactive reading, using the popular iPhone platform.

Wait, so there's a book AND an iPhone app? AND you're the guy who put out your novel on Twitter? Is this just a big gimmick?
I worked for five-plus years to write the best novel I possibly could. Crafting a good story will always be my first priority by a long shot.

That said, today's readers have a ton of awesome options on ways to spend their time. I'm hoping to give readers extra content that enhances the story--and also helps build an audience for my work.

Isn't this kind of like QR codes?
It's similar, but (I think) lots better. The French Rev app was developed using Visual Search technology from the good people at Ricoh Innovations, who have a distinguished QR code background from their groundbreaking iCandy technology.

In my opinion, the Ricoh team has taken the best of QR codes--scannable images that quickly load cool content--while eliminating the downside--ugly barcodes all over the book. Way cool.

So I have to buy the book for the app to work? It's not really free!
You've correctly identified the catch. There's gotta be a business model in here somewhere, so we're hoping curiosity might tempt you into buying the book. That said, The French Revolution is widely available at your local bookstore and online, and you can also check it out for free at the library.

iPhone only? What about Android? Blackberry? Palm?
I'd love to expand into other platforms. If you know of any developers willing to work on this for free, please let me know.

Feedback? Good. Please shoot it my way.