Viva La Revolution!

The French Revolution is my debut novel, released on Bastille Day - July 14, 2010. I made headlines worldwide when I released The French Revolution on Twitter in 2009.

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The French Revolution IS:
-A fictional family saga mostly set in San Francisco
-Imaginative and expansive, tragic and hilarious
-Patterned on the extreme plot swings of the historical French Revolution

The French Revolution IS NOT:
-Set during the French Revolution (that's the late 1700s for non-history majors)
-In French

Slightly longer spiel:
Loosely structured on the greatest identity crisis ever, The French Revolution is the hilarious, tragic, and deeply imaginative story of a San Francisco family forging its place in history.

Esmerelda Van Twinkle, a failed pastry chef turned outsized copy shop manager, stumbles into motherhood after a semi-intentional liaison with good-natured coupon distributor Jasper Winslow. Born on Bastille Day, their twin children Robespierre and Marat revolt against archaic rules imposed by their autocratic grandmother, surmount radically misguided parenting, navigate factional infighting, and combat wars in the Middle East to achieve great personal gain.

But just as the family is on the cusp of achieving meteoric success in politics, business, music, and gastronomy, fissures from the past crack open spectacularly, derailing their bid for long-lived power while cementing a reputation for the ages.

Matt Stewart blends vibrant prose, unforgettable characters, and a multi-layered plot based on the extremes of the historical French Revolution for a relentlessly entertaining debut novel. Viva la révolution!

You can unlock bonus media tied to the novel - deleted scenes, video, et, - via the free French Rev iPhone app - video - FAQ.